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Marriage Made Me Do It

It is time to offer up two fabulous gifts to one lucky winner! If you are interested in entering the contest for my upcoming dark comedy released by HarperCollins Publishers UK, Marriage Made Me Do It, keep reading!

CHAPTER 1 THIS IS THE LIFE I WANTED, RIGHT? Ignoring the droning voice of the old man talking up front, I let my thoughts wander. As usual, they went back to my youth. Growing up in the Seventies and Eighties, I was blissfully ignorant of how screwed-up my life would turn out when I reached the A-word: Adulthood.
I’m the oldest sibling of three girls born into a middle-class family. We grew up living in the suburbs, safely hidden from the dangers of “the big city.” God, life back then had been a breeze. We walked to school, without fear of stranger danger, on sidewalks wide enough for three people to stand side by side, with shade provided by sprawling oak trees. We played with our friends—outside, mind you—until the streetlight in our cul-de-sac buzzed, ready to come on. …

Press Release for Marriage Made Me Do It

Blood Loss Sneak Peek

Prologue Camden, Arkansas – Saturday, March 2, 1957 – 10:00 p.m.
The cold winter rain started out as sporadic drops when she left the inconspicuous home hiding dark deeds behind its walls. When she stepped off the bus on the outskirts of town (much to the dismay of the annoyed driver), the droplets morphed into a heavy downpour, along with a thick blanket of fog. Carolyn sighed and continued trudging through the secondary streets skirting the edge of town. The past thirty minutes were spent in a painful blur, each step slow while fighting to overcome waves of dizziness and nausea. She had no choice but to steer her sore body clear of the main thoroughfares of downtown Camden. Though not many, there were a few streetlights dotting the walkways, and even with the viscous fog coating the air, a moving body could still be spotted.  It was Saturday night, the air frigid and the streets slick with water and a bit treacherous, yet some people would be out and about. War and Peace was headlining …

The Attitude of Gratitude

Six years ago, I blindly stumbled down the writing path, unsure of what pitfalls to steer clear of or what scary things were lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce on me, stripping me of my naiveté. I soon found out there were more than lions, tigers and bears in the writing woods. There were freaking trolls gleefully drooling in the underbrush, eager to unleash their venom on this newbie. They tried to discourage me into turning tail and running like a frightened kitten back home after spewing their verbal vomit on the trail in front of me.
They messed with the wrong gal. I don’t give up. Period. Go ahead, internet trolls, and tell me I am incapable of accomplishing something. Go ahead—I dare you. While the little trolls burn through brain matter to come up with a snarky jab, I’ll be busy writing my next book after working with the marketing team at HarperCollins Publishers UK imprint, Killer Reads, for the book they decided to publish after Suburbia Made Me Do It was submitted to…

Beyond Grateful

Saturday, April 22, 2017 made the Top Ten List of Most Memorable Moments in My Life.

No doubt.

Detractors mocked me, saying it would never happen.

A few people close to me clucked their tongues in disgust, calling me naive and easily duped because there was no way complete strangers would invest their time, money, blood, sweat and tears into bringing one of my novels to the big screen.

Despite all the stumbling blocks and naysayers, all of us involved in turning The Lie into the Indie Film Foreseenhappened.

Yes, yes it did!

I thought my heart would explode when we drove up the movie theater and this was displayed:

Family and friends attended, and it was a thrill to meet bestselling author Barbara Watkins, who drove all the way from Missouri to attend:

We went all out, hosting our own little Hollywood-esque private screening:

We didn't even let the rain dampen our excitement! Sharing this incredible milestone with friends and family was the greatest gift, and I am beyond grateful m…

Cocktails For Ten!

I am excited to announce that my romantic suspense novel, Suicide Lake, is part of a boxed set along with nine other fabulous authors—and you readers should be excited too! Why? Because Cocktails for Ten contains 10 full length novels ranging from sweet romance, mystery, suspense and all the way to steamy!
For less than $1.00, you get to enjoy the following books:
Donna Fasano – Following His Heart Elaine Raco Chase – Dangerous Places Dee Dee Covas – Dandelion Soul E.G. Fox – Lucky Dawg Meets Lucky Lucy Diane Nelson – Points On A Curve Lorne Oliver – The Cistern Michael Cody – Where Power Resides Ashley Goss – Sexual Desires Angie Dokos – Mackenzie’s Distraction And of course, me – Suicide Lake
Follow @CocktailsForTen on Twitter or swing by and visit our group page on Facebook here to stay up-to-date on the latest news and preorder links! This boxed set will be available as an ebook only on all eretailer sites (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, 24 Symbols, Kobo, iBooks, Page Foundry, Scribd, Tolino)!